Stepping away from the “norm” for a workcation.

We’ve sold our home, packed up the Subaru and are taking advantage of remote work opportunities. Follow along as we chase warm weather with a two year old and our brother across the country.

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Wilmington, NC… With A Toddler

Being from St. Louis, Missouri, the only thing that I knew about Wilmington, North Carolina before our big adventure (where we sold our house to travel) is that it was home to a college with a Division I basketball team nicknamed the Seahawks.  After visiting Wilmington twice during the first leg of our digital nomad…

A Workcation Sunset Collection

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Traveling may change after having kids but it doesn’t have to stop.

Follow along for travel, food and fun!

Hi, we’re the Stillmans!

With full time jobs that allow us to work from anywhere, we decided to say farewell to St. Louis, Missouri (for now) and experience places we’ve never been before.

We took advantage of a high sellers market, sold our home, ditched the “normal” way of life and are adjusting to the workcation style of living.

We’ve always loved to travel and over the past two years, we’ve been figuring out how to best travel as a family and not two single adults who are able to do whatever they want… when they want. Let’s be honest, our son now makes most of the timing decisions in our life these days.

We want to share our successes of traveling as a family and prove it is possible to do!

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